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Frankie & The Pool Boys - The Adventures Of Cap'n Coconuts CD


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Frankie & The Pool Boys - The Adventures Of Cap'n Coconuts CD (Double Crown)

And just who is “Cap’n Coconuts”??? Simian spy turned Hollywood cad, now a bouncer at a bar in San Francisco? Or star of a 60’s TV sitcom that apparently only Pool Boys leader Ferenc Dobronyi remembers. “He was my muse for this record. I wanted to write instrumentals that evoked the feelings that I get when I remember the music of my early childhood."

But what will Cap’n Coconuts do for you? Drop the needle on side one and hear the full on, spare no expenses production of a Wrecking Crew session. Vintage Fender guitars and amps, B-3 and Vox Continental, Beatle bass and Ludwig Black Beauty. Horns, strings, glockenspiel. Tank reverb, tube compression and U-41s. The Pool Boys know you can hear the details. Thirteen originals and one cover song that strive for an individual tone and mood on each track.

Basic tracks for the Cap’n Coconuts sessions were cut with the core group of Dusty Watson (The Sonics, Dick Dale, Agent Orange) on drums, Danny Snyder (The TomorrowMen) on rhythm guitar, Tony Bald (The Gregors) on bass and percussion, Karen Dobronyi (Meshugga Beach Party) on keyboards and Ferenc Dobronyi on lead guitar. But, the Pool Boys continue to have an open membership when it comes to recording. The guest list on these tracks is a mile long with musicians from bands such as The Surf Coasters, The Exotics, Tikiyaki Orchestra, The Deadbeats, Pollo Del Mar sitting in. Insect Surfer David Arnson works his signature mojo on “Rattler Ranch” and the man responsible for the surf revival, John Blair of Jon & The Nightriders trades leads on “Cat Fight”.

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Tracks: Cap'n Coconuts TV Theme - Skinny Dippin' - Ripley In Love - Cat Fight - The Golden State - Manx! - Sundial Suite - Tic Toc - Dead Man Surfin - Paniolo - Organic Matters - Rattler Ranch - Surfacing - Monkey Pod


Frankie & The Pool Boys "Skinny Dippin' " Live@Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge 03/24/12 (03:21)
Frankie & The Pool Boys performed live at Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge 03/24/12 and played a smoking' hot matinee show, I should know I filmed it, a great turnout on a rainy Saturday! Frankie & The Pool Boys are: Frankie D. - Lead Guitar Amber Waves- Keyboards Zinc Oxide- Rhythm Guitar Tony Bologna - Bass Naotaka "Movie Star" Seki - drums The current trend in music videos today is a destroyed organic film "look" which I have painstakingly archived here in this video. You'll notice this piece has been severely damaged, degraded and filled with tasteful flawed foreign artifacts all done in post to give that organic look and feel. I call this de-massaging the image. Basically, It looks like the 16mm negative was put in a gutter in front of a livery stable and horses trampled over the negative! Your going to see scratches, dust, dirt, mold, frame jitter, gate weave, out-of-focus and light leaks just to name a few! So, in the sprit of Grind-house I bring to you the "Bastardized" version of Frankie & The Pool Boys performing "Skinny Dippin'" enjoy! Filmed and edited by: Christopher Sorrenti
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    Frankie & The Pool Boys performed live at Forbidden Island Tik...
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    Frankie & The Pool Boys w/ Surfer Joe Lorenzo on drums "Dead M...

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