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Boss Fink!

bossfinklogo.jpg.jpgBoss Fink! is a fuzz and reverb-fueled hot-rod surf combo based in Southern California, featuring members of The Ghastly Ones, The Huntington Cads and Thee Cormans. The Finksville 7" EP was their debut release, containing 4 classic originals, limited edition of 500 copies, with cover art by Von Franco. Release date was July 29th, 2014. It has been followed in July 2015 with their debut full-length CD release, R.P.M., containing 15 original tunes!





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Boss Fink! - Finksville 7" EP 

Tracks: Snakebite - Boss Angeles - Night Of The Living Finks - Fuzztang





Boss Fink! - R.P.M. CD 

Tracks: Gears, Guts & Glory - 5th Horseman - Motorvixen - Fall Of The House Of Gary Usher - Asphalt Thunder - Pontiac Chief - Snake & Mongoose - Dig It - T'Rantula Crawl - Boss Fink Twist - Phantom Hitchhiker - Dawn Of The Living Finks - Murphy's Last Ride - Varadero '55 - Snake Bite



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