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2021 Shipping Increase For International Orders


Unfortunately the US Postal Service has increased rates yet again - we've been able to absorb the increase with domestic shipments, but international shipments will see increases with shipping. We kept the increase as low as possible, and in some cases we will be shipping orders with an actual shipping cost greater than the shipping paid. We're sorry, but after sending a few orders at a loss this week we've decided that an increase is necessary... As always we thank you for your support, but also understand that if the price increase, especially in these difficult times, impacts your ability to order from us.

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10% Of Sales Going To Local & National Organizations

In light of everything going on in the country and world these days, it's time for us to give to organizations that will help move things forward in a positive, healthy way. While Double Crown Records & The Continental Magazine is a business where the income goes towards our home, food, utilities and expenses for [...]

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Another Postal Rate Increase....

Well unfortunately the USPS recently raised their rates again - for the most part we've been able to absorb this increase with domestic orders within the United States. Canada and the rest of the world have had rates dramatically increased, especially small packages. For example, shipping just one issue of the Continental Magazine has nearly [...]

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Video from The TomorrowMen for the song "Tunak Tunak Tun"

Here's the brand new video from The TomorrowMen for the song "Tunak Tunak Tun" from their upcoming Double Crown Records release (set for a November 2014 launch). What a way to kick off the weekend! BTW, it is a cover a Punjabi love song that became an internet sensation over the last few years. Check out the original [...]

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Double Crown Website Now Accepts Paypal

It's been one of the most asked for features of the new website, and it's finally here - you can now order with Paypal! When you have selected your items, and are ready to pay, you can chose to check out through the website, or via Paypal. This makes ordering much more convenient for long [...]

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Postage / Delivery Rate Increase For International Orders

Due to an unprecedented rate increase by the United States Postal Service, we are forced to increase the rates we charge for domestic and international shipments. The rate increase for orders shipped within the US is minimal, but we're afraid our international rates (including Canada) are being raised quite a bit. In the past we [...]

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