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The Mobsmen

mobsmenlogo.jpgFrom the icy shores of Norway comes one of the world’s finest traditional surf combos, The Mobsmen! Their debut CD, Scelerats Syndicate, features a dozen great surf tunes, mostly instros, but a few energetic vocals as well. If you like vintage guitars and loads of reverb, this band will be right up your alley. The CD has been followed by the release of their 2nd full-length CD, Fraternitas Aurum Factorem, released during the summer of 2013. They’ve won over audiences all over Europe with their live show – now, with the release of Scelerats Syndicate and Fraternitas Aurum Factorem, people throughout the world have the chance to hear this great combo on their home hi-fi or in their automobile!

Also available is a great 7" "Le Mans/Wavy's mobsmenlife.jpgRevenge", two songs featured on the 4-5-6 Feet Below soundtrack, and will soon release a vinyl version of their debut CD on Coral Reef Records.

dccd35.jpgThe Mobsmen - Scelerats Syndicate CD

Tracks: Chunkje – Gridiron Syndicate – We’re the Mobsmen – Similau – Holy Gold – Scelerats Ave – Cicero Comet – Tandenborstel Twist – Flamenco – Raven Girl – You Better Tell me Now – Moaning Lisa

dccd52.jpgThe Mobsmen - Fraternitas Aurum Factorem CD

Tracks: Boom - Barbershop Accident - Pow Wow - Gold Factory - Roman Centurion - Le Mans - Wavys Revenge - Lacanau - Smau Sound - The Lurker - Lazurite - Bubbles - Mediterranean Blitz

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