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The TomorrowMen

tomorrowmenbanner.jpgWhat makes the The TomorrowMen stand apart from the majority of surf bands playing today is their priority on creating memorable melodies and presenting them in very inventive arrangements. When placed in the midst of a really strong rhythm section such as they have here, you end up with a recipe for some of the best surf music you’ll ever hear.


The TomorrowMen are ready to hit the surf/instro rock scene with their debut CD release, “It’s About Time!”. tomorrowmenlive2012.jpgThey will blow you away with their unique blend of traditional and modern surf rock, adding a slight Man Or Astro-man influenced sci-fi sound to several of their tunes. The songs are powerful, melodic and sure to stick in your head for years to come.


Order direct from Double Crown and receive a free bonus track via e-mail – their version of “El Condor Pasa”! 

The TomorrowMen - It's About Time CD 

Tracks: Dr. Kilometers (Uncertainty Principle) – Tempori Parendom – Maelstrom – Curse You Fred Haines – Midnight At The Chronolab – Mobius Transformation – Argosy – Phistful Of Photons – Claire de Lune – Run Ripley Run – Momentium – Chronosurf – Requiem For A TomorrowMan


The TomorrowMen - Futourism CD (Deluxe Box Set)

Tracks: Parasec's Paradox - Back To Reality - New Democracy - Tunak Tunak Tun - Adrienne's Song - All Summer In A Day - Mercury In Retrograde - Rack 'Em Up - Tempus Fugitive - The Man Who Couldn't Tell Time - Hemispherical Synchronization - Lost - Circadia


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