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Frankie & The Pool Boys

frankielogo-276x300.jpgLed by Pollo Del Mar guitarist Ferenc Dobronyi, Frankie & The Pool Boys are a surf "supergroup" featuring Dusty Watson (Dick Dale, Agent Orange, Slacktone, etc.) on drums and PDM's Jeff Turner on bass, along with frankiethepoolboy.jpgcameos from Shigeo Naka (Japan's The Surf Coasters), Dave Wronski (Slacktone), Ivan Pongracic (The Madeira, The Space Cossacks), Mel Waldorf (Meshugga Beach Party, Los Mel-tones) and 2008 Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame inductee Bob Spaulding (The Ventures). The sound is strictly old world warm, no distortion boxes or digital reverbs were used. The styles range from reverb drippin' trad ("Teke, Teke, Teke", "Johnny Fool") to Spaghetti Western ("A Man Called Dirt", "Finito Bandito").

In the spring of 2013 the band released their 2nd CD, "The Adventures Of Cap'n Coconuts", an amazing 14 track disc that includes some of the best surf musicians in the biz, including leader Ferenc Dobronyi, Danny Snyder, Dusty Watson, Dave Arnson, Jonpaul Balak, Ted Pilgrim, John Blair and many others.

dccd32.jpgFrankie & The Poolboys - S/T CD 

Tracks: Amber Waves - Ewa On The Beach - Teke, Teke, Teke - Finito Bandito - A Man Called Dirt - Fugitive - Magyara - Pumpin Surfing Stance - No Surf Today - Raven - Lil' Woman, Big Dawg - Johnny Fool - Full Nelson - Drop Dead - Snakes & Ladders - Ice Station Echo

dccd51.jpgFrankie & The Poolboys - The Adventures Of Cap'n Coconuts CD 

Tracks: Cap'n Coconuts TV Theme - Skinny Dippin' - Ripley In Love - Cat Fight - The Golden State - Manx! - Sundial Suite - Tic Toc - Dead Man Surfin - Paniolo - Organic Matters - Rattler Ranch - Surfacing - Monkey Pod

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